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How to survive until 30

Last month I turned thirty. Amid the celebrations I remembered my stormy teenage years and how I had been sure that the older I grow the happier I will be. Oh, how right my teenage-self was! There are a lot of people who have spent their 30th birthday in a crisis, agonizing over aging and where they are in life. I on the other hand have spent my celebrations in blessed certainty that this age suits me perfectly. Learn how you too can survive past 30 »

Sharing is caring: Websites that inspire us to contribute

There are days when I feel like the Internet is fucking me sideways. Working in IT gives me a special opportunity to be bombarded with the most retarded information available (anything from funny kittens to conspiracy fear-mongering). Add to this all the commercial stuff I have to actively ignore during my surfing and it’s no wonder that my shock tolerance has grown unusually high. Ultimately, most days I feel like this guy.

But then there are days that don’t just simply make me go ”heh” in-between my excessive scrolling, but stops me in my tracks and evokes hope for humanity. Those are days when I’ve stumbled upon something so precious that it reminds me with a jolt why the Internet is the greatest invention in all of history and why we should protect its freedom passionately. Continue reading »