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Food for thought

Food for thought

About a year and a half ago I changed my eating habits rather fundamentally. My eating habits have since been difficult to define and oftentimes people have asked me whether I’m a vegetarian, vegan, or follow any other standard diet. I woke up this morning with an image in my mind about what truly drives my food choices, so I’ll try to explain it concisely in one blog post. A word of warning: It will be long. Jatka lukemista »

Maca jumps off a swing

Decade shift

For once I got a long continuous break from work, both thanks to the holidays happening on weekdays and thanks to some overtime I’ve done during the fall. About a week and a half into my vacation I decided to collect my thoughts on this past year and the entire first decade of the millennium, as well as take a look into the coming year and decade. Jatka lukemista »

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