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Sharing is caring: Websites that inspire us to contribute

There are days when I feel like the Internet is fucking me sideways. Working in IT gives me a special opportunity to be bombarded with the most retarded information available (anything from funny kittens to conspiracy fear-mongering). Add to this all the commercial stuff I have to actively ignore during my surfing and it’s no wonder that my shock tolerance has grown unusually high. Ultimately, most days I feel like this guy.

But then there are days that don’t just simply make me go ”heh” in-between my excessive scrolling, but stops me in my tracks and evokes hope for humanity. Those are days when I’ve stumbled upon something so precious that it reminds me with a jolt why the Internet is the greatest invention in all of history and why we should protect its freedom passionately. Continue reading »

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(The pain of) managing content in Confluence

Creating content in Confluence is easy and fun. It’s not perfect – in fact even content creation in Confluence still has a long way to go, but compared to the competition the tools are excellent and the important thing is: it just works. People do create content, in great quantity at great speed. The area where Confluence needs to develop is in the mature phase of wikis – content management.

This article series is an attempt to provide Atlassian some feedback about Confluence’s (lack of) content management tools. It it also meant to serve as a discussion platform for Confluence users around the world, swapping ideas and evolving the features discussed in the articles. Hopefully it will spur discussion within Atlassian as well and help them focus on what’s important for more mature instances. How do you make the most of your content as the wiki matures?

Each article will focus on one or two topics, this first one introducing the subject and discussing content refactoring. Jatka lukemista »

El Naturalista’s Nido shoes

What is purple and green and makes you yelp ”Weehee!”? That would be El Naturalista’s Nido shoes: my favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. That is of course if we don’t count that neon pink ”New Kids On The Block” -cap that I had when I was twelve. Thank heavens the neon 90’s are now history and I can make a review of these shoes instead of the cap.

A shoe fan? Read on! »

Own a computer and save money for traveling

There is a high probability that my computer is the sole reason I have been able to save anything for our RTW 2012. It is hands down the cheapest hobby available (except maybe walking). So I thought it would be a fun to go through all the myriad of ways my computer is distracting me from spending money and giving me value to spend.
Get distracted »

Kikan unelmavarusteet

Our first ultra light gear list

It has been apparent that for the last 4 months I have developed a serious gear-a-holic-problem. I think this might be a general flaw (or a blessing depending of the view point) in my nature that tends to show it’s eager head time to time. If there is a thing that I get excited about I leave no stone unturned when doing all the necessary research about it. Jatka lukemista »

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