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Managing content in Confluence: Statistics and reporting

The fourth installment of my Confluence article series has been a long time coming. In the fall I was busy building the spec for Midori’s Archiving Plugin 2.0 (Midori started a discussion with me based on my previous article), and soon after I started to train my successor at Appelsiini, as I would leave my post in January for a round-the-world trip. I wanted to add some images and/or illustrations to make the article easier on the eyes, but I’m finally at a point where I just want to get it published. Jatka lukemista »

Eating noodle soup in the jungle

Trekking in Chiang Rai

When we were at New Life Foundation, we were offered a chance to participate in an excursion. The Foundation organizes some kind of excursion every Sunday and anyone can join, although residents and volunteers take precedence and there is a small fee to pay for expenses. In this case it was 300 baht, which is pennies when you hear what we got for our money.

So what do you get for 300 baht? »

On traveling and ”being online too much”

”Tiu, what on earth are you doing online again?” That was the message on my Facebook timeline from a yet another friend with good intentions. ”Isn’t the point of traveling to actually travel, not to make a record on the number of countries you can sit in front of your computer!” she continued. I sighed and started to type a response. Dear Friend With Good Intentions… »

Gates of the New Life Foundation

First impressions of Thailand, and the New Life Foundation

I meant to write every week or so at the beginning of this trip. Turns out we have been so busy that we haven’t quite had the time to settle down long enough to write anything more than a couple of Facebook posts. Well, we decided we wanted to stay in one place for a while so we could relax, calm down and maybe do a little bit of writing as well. So here is my (lengthy) story of the (intense) first two weeks into the Asia part of our RTW trip. Keep reading »

The eternally long list of things to do before an RTW

I’m serious. The fun stopped a while ago. The list is endless I tell you. ENDLESS! We still have 19 days to go before the trip and it feels like the last 3 months have been a never-ending moment of brick-shitting. I got our ”getting rid of stuff”-process going about a year ago and we got our gear nicely ahead of the deadline. Because of my good timing I had somehow reasoned that afterwards everything that was needed was to do a 360 and moonwalk to the airport. How naive of me! »

Putting our backpacks to the test

Two months left until departure. It seems like just yesterday it was still five months off. Time flies… So time to check out these backpacks that Tiu spent so many dozens of hours researching. Earlier she was thinking about one of these, but then after more research ended up with Granite Gear’s Meridian Vapor Ki and Vapor Day Ki. We decided to pack them fully and take them out for a test walk – just a few kilometers to see how they feel.

So how did they feel?

The pre-RTW travel jitters

”Holy frak! What have we done!?” That, ladies and gentlemen, was the asperger-like yelp of my panicky mind about two weeks ago. It hit me randomly, mostly at evenings or just when going to bed. It felt exactly like watching a train coming towards you at 300 km/h. The fear was so tantalizing that it overrode every other survival instinct that told me to step aside so I would avoid the train. I was left with two brain cells that didn’t abandon ship with the others, but stuck around to create bizzare thoughts like ”Hey…look at those pretty train lights” or ”Someone has really done a great job building these tracks so straight”. Yikes! »


Feeling the departure

A couple of weeks ago I started to have this inexplicable feeling of ”newness”. Everything felt a little bit unfamiliar, like walking around in a new city. The feeling started as I was recovering from the worst flu in a few years, though that isn’t saying much. (I haven’t been seriously ill for prolonged periods of time in many years now.) I really could not describe it more accurately than ”everything felt a bit new”. Odd. Off somehow. I was more aware of my surroundings and my own feelings than usual. Often this feeling made me feel heavy as well. I felt like I had to process things a lot. Everything felt… intense. Keep reading »

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