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Lessons learned so far

3 months in Australia just flew by (relatively speaking since it felt like we had all the time in the world for traveling but no time for blogging) and now we have only 2 more weeks to go in New Zealand before we are off to US and Canada. While meeting awesome people we noticed ourselves repeating the same conversation topics over and over until we finally had to look at the data and conclude that these are the first big things we’ve learned while traveling. Check them out, yo! »

How to survive until 30

Last month I turned thirty. Amid the celebrations I remembered my stormy teenage years and how I had been sure that the older I grow the happier I will be. Oh, how right my teenage-self was! There are a lot of people who have spent their 30th birthday in a crisis, agonizing over aging and where they are in life. I on the other hand have spent my celebrations in blessed certainty that this age suits me perfectly. Learn how you too can survive past 30 »

On traveling and ”being online too much”

”Tiu, what on earth are you doing online again?” That was the message on my Facebook timeline from a yet another friend with good intentions. ”Isn’t the point of traveling to actually travel, not to make a record on the number of countries you can sit in front of your computer!” she continued. I sighed and started to type a response. Dear Friend With Good Intentions… »


Feeling the departure

A couple of weeks ago I started to have this inexplicable feeling of ”newness”. Everything felt a little bit unfamiliar, like walking around in a new city. The feeling started as I was recovering from the worst flu in a few years, though that isn’t saying much. (I haven’t been seriously ill for prolonged periods of time in many years now.) I really could not describe it more accurately than ”everything felt a bit new”. Odd. Off somehow. I was more aware of my surroundings and my own feelings than usual. Often this feeling made me feel heavy as well. I felt like I had to process things a lot. Everything felt… intense. Keep reading »

Food for thought

Food for thought

About a year and a half ago I changed my eating habits rather fundamentally. My eating habits have since been difficult to define and oftentimes people have asked me whether I’m a vegetarian, vegan, or follow any other standard diet. I woke up this morning with an image in my mind about what truly drives my food choices, so I’ll try to explain it concisely in one blog post. A word of warning: It will be long. Jatka lukemista »

Maca jumps off a swing

Decade shift

For once I got a long continuous break from work, both thanks to the holidays happening on weekdays and thanks to some overtime I’ve done during the fall. About a week and a half into my vacation I decided to collect my thoughts on this past year and the entire first decade of the millennium, as well as take a look into the coming year and decade. Jatka lukemista »