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Stuff we are carrying around the world

I take great pleasure in sorting things. It makes me giddy to coordinate, fine-tune, systemize and allocate stuff. I like put things in boxes, bags and shelves. My favorite, most meditative pastime is to find a disorganized tool kit that I can sort out again. I also like fiddle with the gear that I’m sorting. Gadgetry makes me giddy. Find out how far my OCD has gone »

Putting our backpacks to the test

Two months left until departure. It seems like just yesterday it was still five months off. Time flies… So time to check out these backpacks that Tiu spent so many dozens of hours researching. Earlier she was thinking about one of these, but then after more research ended up with Granite Gear’s Meridian Vapor Ki and Vapor Day Ki. We decided to pack them fully and take them out for a test walk – just a few kilometers to see how they feel.

So how did they feel?