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Stuff we are carrying around the world

I take great pleasure in sorting things. It makes me giddy to coordinate, fine-tune, systemize and allocate stuff. I like put things in boxes, bags and shelves. My favorite, most meditative pastime is to find a disorganized tool kit that I can sort out again. I also like fiddle with the gear that I’m sorting. Gadgetry makes me giddy. Find out how far my OCD has gone »

Kikan unelmavarusteet

Our first ultra light gear list

It has been apparent that for the last 4 months I have developed a serious gear-a-holic-problem. I think this might be a general flaw (or a blessing depending of the view point) in my nature that tends to show it’s eager head time to time. If there is a thing that I get excited about I leave no stone unturned when doing all the necessary research about it. Jatka lukemista »