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Some memories for the future

So many good clips were not added to this video since we didn’t want to divide the story into two songs (and still kinda had to do it anyway). Maybe we’ll do an extra video from all the unused ones?:P Also, my computer wasn’t powerful enough to get me through the finishing touches. Hope it’s still bearable:P

Tyler Ward – Good Life (Feat. Heather Janssen) – OneRepublic Cover (
Will.I.Am – The Traveling Song

The ”I’m one year late with this post” post

So, it has been exactly a year since we landed back on Finnish soil. Of course, a lot has happened during this year, as during the previous one. But that’s another story.

We took a quick and dirty 15-day road trip around California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada before flying back home. These were our final days.

Check out the final entry from out journey around the world.

Traveler’s burnout

It’s been about a month and a half since we first arrived in Seattle. We had been driving a lot: 3500km in Australia, another 3500km in New Zealand and again the same on the US West Coast. We were exhausted and cranky. What the hell? We were on the journey of a lifetime and the mere thought of the next morning was depressing. What was happening to us?

Lessons learned so far

3 months in Australia just flew by (relatively speaking since it felt like we had all the time in the world for traveling but no time for blogging) and now we have only 2 more weeks to go in New Zealand before we are off to US and Canada. While meeting awesome people we noticed ourselves repeating the same conversation topics over and over until we finally had to look at the data and conclude that these are the first big things we’ve learned while traveling. Check them out, yo! »

How to get a Thai visa extension from Chiang Mai

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go to the Thai border to renew your visa? Fortunately, if you are in or near Chiang Mai, you don’t need to! We had already booked tickets and were about to leave for Mae Sai to renew our visas when we found out that there is in fact an immigration office in Chiang Mai where you can get the extension. It might cost a bit more (perhaps someone can confirm or deny this) but at least you won’t have to make a full day’s trip (sometimes even a 2-day trip) to the border to get the extension. And naturally the trip to the border costs something as well!  So, how do you get a visa extension in Chiang Mai?

Stuff we are carrying around the world

I take great pleasure in sorting things. It makes me giddy to coordinate, fine-tune, systemize and allocate stuff. I like put things in boxes, bags and shelves. My favorite, most meditative pastime is to find a disorganized tool kit that I can sort out again. I also like fiddle with the gear that I’m sorting. Gadgetry makes me giddy. Find out how far my OCD has gone »

This is what our bookkeeping looks like in practice. Sometimes expenses go into our cellphone's memo first, if we aren't carrying the booklet with us.

RTW Budget: Southeast Asia in 3 months

It’s been a bit over a month now since we left Asia for Australia and we have finally taken the time to put together our financials from the first 3 months of our trip (excluding the first week in London). It has taken a lot of willpower to keep track of every little expense, but for the greater good (and my sanity – I just have to see where the money goes) we have done just that. Read on to find out how much traveling in Asia costs »

How to survive until 30

Last month I turned thirty. Amid the celebrations I remembered my stormy teenage years and how I had been sure that the older I grow the happier I will be. Oh, how right my teenage-self was! There are a lot of people who have spent their 30th birthday in a crisis, agonizing over aging and where they are in life. I on the other hand have spent my celebrations in blessed certainty that this age suits me perfectly. Learn how you too can survive past 30 »

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