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My typical day a year ago

A year ago in April it was early spring in Southern Finland. I was living my routine life and saving money while doing it. I decided to record my life then just to see how it would feel to see pictures of it afterwards and whether I would like it back some day. Gosh. It feels like an eternity ago.

So, lets have a brief look how on fantastic my life was a year ago in April:

07:00 Wake up sleepy heads

♫PRIIIINNNNNG♫ It’s the alarm clock. Jonas wakes up first, jumps out of bed and dashes to kill it. Silence re-fills the room and then the morning coma hits him again. Too much too fast. Steadying himself on the walls, he drags his feet to the shower. I stay in bed until he comes out steaming hot (in every way), and pokes me awake.

Variables I wake up before the alarm clock goes off, get my laptop in front of me and wait for Jonas to wake up.

07:45 Breakfast of Champions

We have an unspoken relationship routine in our daily lives: I prepare lunches/suppers/snacks but Jonas does the breakfast. For the last 2 years we’ve had green smoothies as the first meal of the day. The ”green” doesn’t really describe the color of the smoothie itself but rather the ingredients: A head of lettuce (the green bit) with berries and fruits.

Variables On a rare occasion: A morning without a breakfast.

08:35 Blurry hurry

Our mornings are surprisingly slow…until we are late. Then they are fast. Things that take us almost 1.5 hours to do could be efficiently done in 20 minutes. I think it is because of the Internet. As soon as we wake up we are like addicts that need their first daily dose as quick as possible. I once read that it would be a good idea to start your day with a poem. Well if a cat playing a keyboard isn’t comparable to poetry, I don’t know what is. In the end it ALWAYS leaves us running for the tram.

Variables If it doesn’t rain or snow: cycle or walk to work (in a hurry).

08:45 In Finland, people wear only black…

Because they are mourning from going to work and because they hate the winter and they like to show it.
I, on the other hand, don’t believe in black. I think it is a totally over-rated color, which is why I’m pretty easy to find in crowds. I think the combination of purple, pink and orange is the new black.

P.S. This whole picture is staged, since I rarely sit in the back row in buses. I’m more of a middle section girl.

09:02 Third floor, please

Buildings with only three floors are low enough that they make you feel guilty if you use the elevator instead of the stairs and apparently high enough to have a reason to install an elevator. The world would be a better place if we just skipped the third floors altogether and only used the 1st, 2nd and 4th floor. Nobody would miss third floors since everybody would get some exercise while walking to the 1st and 2nd floor and take the elevator guilt-free to the 4th.

Variables Sigh and take the stairs.

09:02:30 Making my grand entrance….late

If it’s Monday (like demonstrated in this picture) the usual coffee queue -party that hovers around ”Ye Olde Tar Machine” have all hurried off to the Monday morning meeting and I arrive in a kitchen of silence. I’m usually OK with this since it means that someone has already cleaned the Tar Machine and I can have it all to myself.

Variables Arrive early and be the first one to disable the security alarm. Skip the Tar Machine and wait until someone else (with a worse addiction than mine) arrives and cleans it. Then get me’ coffee.

09:10 No matter what happens, be awesome

After having my first sip of Ye Olde Tar and idly chatting with colleagues about how good/bad/sad/mad/rad the weather was/is/will be, I sock-ski to my desk (we don’t wear shoes in the office and have slippery floors), power up my computer and turn on my screens. On them I have a motivational wallpaper that reminds me to be awesome. With that in mind, I start to work.

Variables There are no variables in being awesome. When you are being awesome you can only be awesome and nothing else.

16:45 Freeeeeeedom!

After concentrating on awesomeness for around 8 hours (less the lunch break and Facebook-time) I dash out, take the first bus and head home. There is nothing glorious about sitting in a bus so I do what most people do: read, listen to music or text with my significant other. Each one of these activities effectively shuts me out from the rest of the world. It sort of unites everyone under one simple fact: We are all alone together in this bus and we all like it that way (or do we?).

Variables Again, if it isn’t raining cats and dogs: cycle or walk to home

17:45 Develop, surf, research or hibernate

Because saving money for a RTW is boring and I apparently don’t get enough of sitting at work, I usually just continue developing my off-work projects. Just in case I will miss work when we leave.

Variables Shop for groceries and make dinner, go climbing, train with kettlebells, spend time with friends, watch an episode of Game of Thrones/The Big Bang Theory/Modern Family/How I Met Your Mother

22:30 Repeat ad infinitum

Variables None

As one might have guessed, I’m not really longing back.