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RTW tickets booked! Yikes!

DUM DUM DUUUuuuuum! We finally kicked procrastination’s butt and booked our RTW tickets. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale… So this is what it feels like… inhale, exhale… So what am I supposed to do now? Oh yeah! Inhale

It was about time we got something done. The last months we’ve always found something better to do than think about the tickets. We intentionally made things feel harder than they actually were. We always felt that ”there must be some magic super deal somewhere just waiting for us”.  The more we searched for information, the more useless that goal felt.

Then, amid our pointless wanderings we stumbled upon the site for Round The World Experts, sent them the usual query… and the very next day, we got a call from them.

Eeek! So fast!

I wasn’t by the phone when they called and even though they left a message in my voicemail, I willed myself to not to do anything about it for over a week. For some reason calling England seemed too much of a hassle, even tho’ all  it required was pressing the green ”call” button on my phone. I procrastinated. I avoided the responsibility. I wanted to live in ignorance –  it was just so much easier. Luckily there is a cure for procrastination. All you have to do is procrastinate so long that the anxiety over not doing anything becomes bigger than the anxiety over doing something. So I did what every sane woman would do in a similar situation: I delegated the problem to my significant other. Instant anxiety relief!

Maca – being haunted by his own procrastination ghosts – did manage to make everything happen instantly. It took him a day to get the first itinerary to our mail. After that, reality started to slap us in the face so intensely that it was hard to get any sleep.

The original suggestion was £2000, involved Chile, and included unlimited date changes. But after we gave it some thought and after checking the seasonal weather (Yep, it’s winter in Chile at that time) we realized that there was no point paying an extra £500 for the chance to freeze in our tents especially as we weren’t sure whether our money would last that long. So after some panicky decisions we left the South and Central Americas out of our itinerary.

The Final Route

The orange route is the one included in the ticket price. The green routes we have to organize and pay for ourselves. The violet routes are ones that we will make on our own if we have enough money.

The Schedule

January 23rd. Helsinki -> London.
1 week for seeing friends.
February 1st. London -> Bangkok.
3 months in Thailand and surrounding countries.
June 1st. Bangkok -> Sydney.
3-4 months in Australia with ”Work & Holiday” visas looking for work and traveling.
August 1st. Brisbane -> Christchurch
1 month in New Zealand trekking.
September 1st. Auckland -> Los(t) Angeles.
1 month – eternity traveling/working around Vancouver and possibly getting a flight to check out Costa Rica.

Reasonably Priced

The route cost us 3500 € and it contains one free possibility to change dates and superb customer service. Of course the cost of those green routes will be added to the base ticket cost but overall we are very happy with the price.

And it wasn’t that hard after all!

The customer service at RTWExperts was amazing and we got along with Ed (the guy who arranged the tickets for us) so well that we are planning to meet him when we get to London. So our very first connection is made before we even traveled anywhere.

Feels like a dream

So this hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I already sent an email to my bosses saying that ”FOR REAL, I mean serious businez, I’m actually leaving” and asked if I could swap my leftover holidays for cash. So they have a chance to at least work me in the rat wheel for another 5 months.

During the reservation process I went in such hyper-drive mode that, when it was over, it felt like I had run a mental half marathon. Immediately after the release my head was filled with worries: What if we don’t have enough money? What if we won’t find any work in Australia or Canada? What if we have the wrong gear? What if I go crazy with all this waiting? What if…?