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(The pain of) managing content in Confluence

Creating content in Confluence is easy and fun. It’s not perfect – in fact even content creation in Confluence still has a long way to go, but compared to the competition the tools are excellent and the important thing is: it just works. People do create content, in great quantity at great speed. The area where Confluence needs to develop is in the mature phase of wikis – content management.

This article series is an attempt to provide Atlassian some feedback about Confluence’s (lack of) content management tools. It it also meant to serve as a discussion platform for Confluence users around the world, swapping ideas and evolving the features discussed in the articles. Hopefully it will spur discussion within Atlassian as well and help them focus on what’s important for more mature instances. How do you make the most of your content as the wiki matures?

Each article will focus on one or two topics, this first one introducing the subject and discussing content refactoring. Continue reading »