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El Naturalista’s Nido shoes

What is purple and green and makes you yelp ”Weehee!”? That would be El Naturalista’s Nido shoes: my favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. That is of course if we don’t count that neon pink ”New Kids On The Block” -cap that I had when I was twelve. Thank heavens the neon 90’s are now history and I can make a review of these shoes instead of the cap.

If I would have to define myself with one color, El Naturalista’s Nido shoes in purple would be it. They are SO me. They fit with everything I own (even the furniture) and what makes me really tick is that they feel amazing and they last forever. What more could I ask for? That they would be made from recyclable materials? Oh, but they are!

The fit

Three years ago I stumbled upon on my first Vibram Fivefingers. And I became an immediate barefoot fan. But Finnish winters are known to be very cold and every autumn there will eventually be a day that I have to switch to normal shoes again.

And I shun normal shoes.

Not because they are normal and not ”barefoot”, but because my front sole is wide and I have a hard time finding shoes that don’t grind my pinky toe all red and blistery. Then Nido came to my life and my pinky toe just got that much happier.

At first the shoes felt pretty stiff and hard but after a couple weeks’ use they started becoming more pliable and having that ”Tiny care bears hugging my feet”-feeling.

The features

I’ve had these shoes for almost 2 years now and even after excessive use it seems that they just grow more beautiful with time. You know that Sean Connery-effect where old age just makes things look even hotter? These shoes have that. They start to have folds and wear that just brings them more character. And when they get dusty or dirty you just clean them with some bee wax and they look all new and shiny again.

These shoes also hold your feet very dry. Even jumping in spring puddles haven’t made them fail. Actually the only ”fail” they’ve had is that the shoe laces have lasted less than rest of the shoes, since I’ve already destroyed both of them and should soon buy new ones. Hope I’ll find them in purple.

Price and value

So you got all excited about the shoes and got an added thrill when you heard that the they are made from recyclable materials and support green values among so many other good things. Then you looked up the price and realized that it took you less than a second to decide that at 125 € you can forget about your world saving ideas.

And I don’t blame you, I did the exact same thing. When I first found these shoes I walked away. But the idea got stuck in my head. I’ve never bought shoes in my life that cost so much. But then again, I’ve never had shoes that lasted more than a year and a half or looked good even with my furniture. So I took a chance. And so far I haven’t been disappointed. If these shoes last 2 more winters and after that I can recycle them I think it is WELL worth the cost.